CDVD Mobile - 350Mb/hour and good quality



Posted on Slysoft’s forums, but got no answer…

I’ve seen TV epsiodes from P2P sources, the majority of them are about 350Mb in size, 608x336, ffmpeg XviD 4 video, and 128kbps MP3 audio. They are excellent quality - I mean practically DVD quality on my 19" screen (when scaled up 200%) they are usually from HD sources.

So I just tried to encode a DVD at 640x360 DivX and moved the quality slider to 17, so it came to about 700Mb (2 hour DVD instead of 1 hour TV should be twice the size) using CloneDVD Mobile latest version. The quality was awful, I mean 1980’s game console blocky quality!

As I understand it Mobile uses ffmpeg/mencode to make DivX’s (actually XviD) too, so why the big quality difference, are the TV episodes 2 pass or using some hidden setting that improves the quality so much, they’re using the same encoder, not DivX6 or anything, and it’s not as if Mobile is fast - took 45mins on a 1.5Gb/3GHz P4HT, and then there’s the audio-sync issues…

What software do these people use to create such fabulous results, it’s obviously not CloneDVD Mobile.