CDSurf.Net - Surf your cds without the cds

I’m working on this program and could do with some feedback plz. Good or bad…not sure if this forum is the right one, THANKS!

its here…


I wouldnt imagine that this would be legal…

how come?

Ohhhhhhh…no no…I think I know why you say that. The program stores the skeleton of the CD contents, not the actual CD data. The finished product will also link to locations where you can download files from the cd.

Has anyone here installed this software? lol…its at www.CDSurf.Net
I made this software (its free right now, not spamming) I’ve barely tested it on another machine so I figured I’d try and get some feedback here.

I hope this is the right forum, I suck at forums lol.

Me :bow:

I’ll allow it (once again), but if you create another new thread to promote your software I will consider it spam. And the rules are very clear about spam.

Understood… :iagree: Thanks man! No worries, I won’t post another thread and I really am not trying to spam, its already blowing up on search engines :smiley:

If anyone installs this and runs into any problems please let me know. The program requires the .Net Framework 2.0 and “should” automatically download and install it, if it hasn’t already been installed via the windows updates.

Thanks! Great site!