CDSpeed v4.7.0.0 - DVDScan 0.04b - Jitter Compare

165P6S * MV9N * Jitter Scan with NeroSpeed v4.7.0.0 and LiteOn DVDScan v0.04b

  • set NeroSpeed v4.7.0.0 at x4 speed for jitter reporting

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Hmm…same trend but about 2% lower with CD/DVD speed. :confused:

Something must be wrong with the PIF average in the above scan. With PIF total of 397 you still obtain a 0.02 PIF average. On the other hand, here you have PIF total of only 308 and a PIF average of 0.03.

These are the scans of the same Verbatim MCC 004 by CMC, one scanned on Benq 1650 which burned the disc in April this year, and the other scan is made by 165P6S, with jitter enabled and at 4x speed. Average jitter is practicly the same on both scans. Interesting thing is that after several months, Liteon shows lower levels of PIF and PIE, and that disc is better burned…but that’s not the topic.

I did couple of scans of other discs burned with 165P6S and jitter level is always between 9% and 10%, better say it’s closer to 9% …far less then the results of DVD scan. Comparing jitter levels measured by Benq and Liteon both using Nero cd/dvd speed, I’m prone to think that DVD scan doesn’t really shows jitter realisticly…the error could be in the function that quantifies jitter - it translates values about 2-3 percents above the “true” values.

My experience in jitter results with CD/DVD Speed and a Litey/BenQ.