CDSpeed + Toshiba SD-M1712 (or: CDSpeed + DVD-ROMs)?

Has anybody tried to use CDSpeed with a Toshiba SD-M1712?

I could swear I read a post of someone saying he has successfully used it with CDSpeed (although it is not officially supported by it). When I start the “Disk quality” test, CDSpeed just reports “Could not initialise test” after drive spin-up.

Background of the question:
Since my Pio 106 has been having problems with DVD media lately (i.e. burning 8x, 16x discs; its a 4x burner with NO firmware support by Pioneer, which sucks :a ) I ordered an LG H10N, which is supposed to be a nice burner, but can’t do quality scans.
Since I’ve only now found out (with updating CDSpeed from a very old version) that the last time my Pio 106 has produced decent results was with 4x media and my 50 or so burns on 8x media are - at best - mediocre (which sucks even more :a :a ), I really want to be able to do quality tests.

So, which - if any - DVD-ROMs can be recommended for the quality testing DVDs? I might have to replace the 1712 with a suitable DVD drive…


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To be reliable, a scan must be done with a burner, not a DVD reader.

Not all burners, however, supports scans. Good srives for scans are Plextor, Liteon, and Benq. Pioneer and NEC drives are often unreliable for scans.


I’ve read this before, do you know why? I.e. what is unreliable about the scans?
Scans with my Pioneer 106D seem quite plausible. Pressed DVDs have a PIE of 20-60, PIF of 1-6, which might seem to high, but is still a quality hint (or baseline). Compared with a Moser Bear DVD with PIE of up to 4000 and PIF of up to 40, I do have a good idea of what quality the burn was done with.

Yeah, my newly bought LG doesn’t support scans. So I don’t have a possibility to do quality scans, which is not good, as my previous burner did produce rather disappointing results with 8x media, which I never noticed.

So, what are my choices? Buy another DVD burner, I don’t think so.
Keeping the Pioneer 106D, seem quite senseless, too. So I thought of a DVD-ROM with quality test capabilites - a somewhat unreliable result is IMHO besser than no clue about the burn quality at all. Unless, of course, DVD-ROM scan results are so unreliable that I can’t distinguish a good burn from a bad burn…

Here at CDFreaks were done many tests comparing scans done with DVD readers and with burners, and only scans done with burners gave reliable results.

The only way to obtain a reliable scan is to buy a new burner. Often, a scan done with a reader is really ugly even if the disc contain very few erros.

A cheap but still reliable option is a liteon or a benq drive. A plextor is another option, but plextor drives are really costly.

I already redecided for a Liteon SHM-165P6S02-Burner yesterday - will do scanning and its features seem to be superior to the LG H10N anyway (OS/HT/OHT etc). Costs about the same and I have reliable scanning…
I’m still :a at Pioneer for their lousy support and (probably) the need for reburning 50-75 DVDs…