CDSpeed testing


I am sorry if this came up already…

I want to test whether the media I burn work on my notebook, and I have been using CDCheck up to now.

I now tried CDSpeed, but in “CD Quality test”, the “Start” button is always grayed out. Is this because my drive can’t report errors? In this case, is it sufficient to do the transfer rate test and will this still check all files for readability, or should I stick with CDCheck?



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I assume you are talking about CD’s?
CDCheck does not test burn quality, it only verifies that data is readable.
What, exactly, is it that you want to know about your discs?

I am sorry if I wasn’t specific enough.

I am talking about DVD-R and DVD+R burnt on a desktop burner. I want to know whether the burnt DVDs can be fully read on my notebook (this is where I need them).

I am interested in this because had bad luck with some batch of DVDs. I could read them in (almost) any desktop DVD-ROM I tried, but my notebook refused to read any single file. I have since been checking all my burnt DVDs on my notebook to make sure they work ok.

I was now interested in a program like CDCheck, but one that also displayed a transfer rate graph. It seemed that “Extra->CD Quality Test” should do what I want (and this is what’s recommended in this forum’s sticky post about media testing), but as I wrote, I cannot activate the Start button… So I wanted to know whether the simple “Transfer Rate Test” also reads all files on the DVD and reports if a file cannot be read.



the transfer rate tests do not report unreadable data. You will, however see a slow-down if the disc is difficult to read. CDSpeed does not support quality testing on DVD’s.
Try DVDInfo-pro, it have both a transfer rate and error test.
And if you burn from an image file, DVDInfo can verify the image against the DVD. Usind Nero’s verify option also checks the data.
But it seems that your problem is more due to the laptop drive being picky about what it will read. You can try differnet media types, DVD-R/DVD+R, etc, maybe that’s the problem. Or even a certain brand of media will be the solution.

Yes, the laptop drive is very picky, that’s why I need to check the CDs.

The media test in DVDInfoPro doesn’t show the speed, but it seems the speed test will report errors - does this read all the data on disk?

The reason I want the speed test as well is to see how fast the disks can be read in my laptop drive (some work better, some are very slow)


The only way to check them is on the Laptop itself. The error test in DVDInfo is explained in the help files, it is not checking data integrety, but the readability of the sectors as reported by the drive. The transfer rate test in DVDInfo reports the read speed.
Every drive has a different max read speed on recordable discs.

Yes, of course I am checking them in my laptop drive.

The read speed seems to depend on the media. -R media seems to be 2-4x, +R media sometimes goes higher in the laptop drive…

The transfer rate test has an output “Read Errors”, so I hope this is what I am looking for (meaning that it reports an error if it cannot read a sector…)


sounds like a picky drive alright. you can try different media brands too, suggest Verbatim DataLifePlus, made in Singapore.