CDSpeed Simulated Burning question



I want to use CDSpeed to test out a 10 burners using the create a disc function in simulated burning. I have been told by one user that I need to have -R media in order to do this and another user has indicated that these simulated burns will show how the burn would go.

As I am testing DVD burners in external enclosures with different chipsets, my objective is to determine how well they burn at 12X but I don’t want to waste a bunch of dics so I plan to simulate. My questions are this:

[I]Before I spend the extra on some MCC 03RG20, will the simulated burning graphs be representitive of what I would see with a real burn?

Is there a better way to test for 12X burning in external enclosures?

Is there some guide somewhere that will help me interpret the burn graphs?[/I]

I think I can tell a perfect graph, and I think I can tell when BenQ WOPC kicks in, but there are some things I am not sure of. On one burn on a Pioneer, for example, the burn hit 12X right on schedule and then at the very end, dropped to 8X. I assume I can try the drive on a regular IDE cable first and then see how close I can get, but there might be a better way.

Thanks guys, if I can get this in some type of useful format, I will post the results.