CDspeed Scandisc 100% damage with BenQ 1640

I created a TestCd with CDspeed. The QualityTest was excellent (score = 97), but the Scandisc shows 100% damage (all red).

It was also odd because Scandisc took only about 20 seconds to complete (too fast). Notice in the picture the speed was 102.54!!! The disc seems to be fine. I used Scandisc on another working CD-R, and it showed 100% damage also!

My CDs work fine on my computer. Is Scandisc not compatible with regular CD and BenQ1640? Scandisc works fine with DVD +/- R, but not regular CDs. Thanks.

This problem occurs with all 4x versions of cdspeed at least on 1620/1640 drives.
Edit: with 4.08 you even get an access violation :(.

In addition to the bugs mentioned above, cdspeed 4.x simply closes when I select the disc info tab while a cd-r is inserted.


I use PI/PO - C1/C2 test for scandisk, it works with the DW1620/40 and will tell you which files are suspect and have high errors in them.