Cdspeed reads everything except SVCD images

I have a problem with my standalone skipping svcd’s at the end, like the first 90% of the cd plays perfectly fine, then it skips so much i gota turn it off.

So i wanted to run a 'c2 error check" on my svcd’s, but when i stick ANY svcd into my burner and run a scan on it w/ CDSPEED - it hangs.

after i restart it (to get access back to my cdrom) , then i can stick ANY data cdrom, and it scans perfectly fine. Is this normal? Why can’t it ‘scan’ my svcd’s but it can scan everything else?

i have tried this with 10+ diffrent svcd’s that all work fine (except the last 10min or so)… these cd’s work perfectly fine if i play them on my pc… but when i try to scan them it hangs…



i don’t think cd speed is capable of running its tests on svcds; i also tried to scan some of my svcds a while back, and it also just hung. if ur burner is capable of using CD Doctor or WSES, u can use those to scan for C1/C2 errors.

also, as far as i know, cd speed doesn’t scan specifically for C2 errors, altho i’m not exactly sure myself what type of errors it scans for.

Why don’t you try [COLOR=darkblue]CDCheck ?[/COLOR]

CDCheck is a utility for the prevention, detection and recovery of damaged files on CD-ROMs with an emphasis on error detection.
With CDCheck you can check your CDs and discover which files are corrupted.
By using the program proactively, you can insure that your data on CD-ROMs are safe – before it’s too late!
CDCheck provides the following features: readability verification, binary compare, CRC file creation (and verification) and file recovery.