CDspeed question



Hi there, i have been reading for a while a lot of post on this forum and have just decided to make my first post. I own a Plextor 4824A (firmware 1.05). I have been doing a some scans of cds burned two or three years ago with my old external hp cdwriter 5200e with cdspeed (v 2.20) and have found something that i dont know what it is.

Its the spanish version of cdspeed… but what does that red line means? I know the media is crap, but on another scan it gave some c2 errors, now it doesnt give any and appears that… :confused:

Another one, i have been reading about c2 errors and i understand what they mean… but, if a media was sold for 24x burners does it have to be able to read at 48x?

Thanks in advance