CDSpeed question

When checking my burned CD’s for errors, if I use the RW drive I usually see a few errors, C2, but if I use the 163Dhere are no errors. Who do I believe? Is the 163D just a better reader than the RW?

The writer sometimes reports pseudo errors that don’t exist (do another scan and the errors will be anywhere else…)

Use wses to do proper scans.

What’s that and where does one get it?

Appears to be a bad link!

It works when I click on it. It openes a thread in this forum about wses…maybe you need to scroll up a little bit.

Sorry, it’s the download link on that page that’s buggered, I think.

It works fine for me…

Then get it from there:

Got it! now if someone woud just post a good primer on using this program. I assume that on the C1 graph, more stuff is worse.
I can’t see anything on the C2 graph at all.

I have found the opposite my Liteon cdrw finds fewer errors than the LTD163…what fw are you using on the dvd

I feel the dvd is more sensitive reader and if you get no errors on the reader you are in great shape

GHR3 on the 163D

you are using the original fw…I upgraded to GH5K…but not the newer one

GHR3 is the only firmware that has ever been listed for the 163D, as far as I can see.