CDSpeed question



Just where can I get a manual or detailed info on how to use CDSpeed? I’ve fumbled around with it and got it to run a few of its tests. But, I cannot seem to get it to run the ‘Disk Quality’ scan/test. I get an error message that says, “Error initializing test”.
I did run a scan and a benchamrk without error.
What might I be doing wrong? I’ve got a DVD that I already burned in the drive not a blank, btw. I hope this is not incorrect.
BTW, I did go to their website and read the faq.

Help appreciated,


Have a look here, a very in depth thread with everything pertaining to CDSpeed.


The disc quality test in CDSpeed only works with drives from Lite-On/Sony, BenQ, NEC, and a handful of others.


Oh! Thanks.
I’ve got a Plextor.
That must be it. Is there another program that I can use?


Plextools is the scanning tool most often used. PXScan works with certain models. I would suggest doing a search in the Plextor sub-forum located in the Optical Drive forum for more information.


Thanks very much for this information!