CDSpeed pauses with 1620, no riplock



I just used MCSE to remove the riplock from firmware B7V9 and updated the firmware in safe mode and rebooted twice.

Now when I scan with CDSpeed 3.80 at 16x there’s pauses where it stops every 45 seconds or so for about 10 seconds. Am I crazy or is this normal?


No that’s pretty normal. It happens with my drive as well. If you scan at 8x you should get a linear curve. Not sure why this happens though, anyone know?


You scan at 16x with some strange media and get a 98 - I should have your problems!


That’s Moser Baer 8X +R media. Quite good,IMO… there’s a reason they are OEMing for Mitsubishi/Verbatim…


Yeah, I’ve been very impressed with these Moser Baers. These are branded Memorex.


Yes, I do still have the linear curve at 8x.


Bhairav: Thanks for the info about the Moser Baer MID. I haven’t seen any under their Band Name here in the States, but have seen Made in India Verbs once in a while. I’ll give them a try next time.


You can find Staples brand media “made in india” but i read here that only the +R’s are good. I haven’t tried any myself.