CDSpeed Overburning Test Question

I have a Teac CD-W540E and I was trying to use the overburn test in CDSpeed to find out what the maximum capacity was on my 80min. CD-R. I left the test capacity setting at the default 89:57.74 and had RAW unchecked. My problem was that after reaching about 104%, the light on my CD-RW drive stayed on like it was still testing the CD, but CDSpeed froze. I waited about 2 minutes, but nothing happened. The only way I could eject the CD was to reboot my computer.

Did I do something wrong? If so, how can I determine the maximum capacity of my CD-R media? Thanks!

OK…I fixed my problem. I just had to reduce my writing speed to 24X (I’m using 16X certified media). Now to the next question. CDSpeed reported that my 80min. media can burn 89:57.74 with no errors. Is this common?

not very common.

I have acer 80min 12X and they are reported as being able to be burnt until 93 minutes…

But they will fail if I try more than 82 minutes with data…

Nero CD-Speed overburning test is not that reliable.

If you have Feurio, try the overburning test function there. It works like a charm, at least for me. :slight_smile:

The most overburnable 80 min cdr I have found are HP 24X, made by Ricoh. These overburns to 82:56:42.