CDSpeed not seeing Firewire even w/wnaspi32.dll

CDSpeed is only seeing my SATA burners. I downloaded the aspi_you.exe ASPI checking utility, and both my firewire devices show up there.

What am I missing?


this could be due to Adaptec Aspi drivers present.
If you don’t have Nero installed, you need Nero’s wnaspi32.dll in the same folder as CDSpeed. The file can be found here:



this could be due to Adaptec Aspi drivers present.

If you don’t have Nero installed, you need Nero’s wnaspi32.dll in the same folder as CDSpeed. The file can be found here:


The “wnaspi32.dll” mentioned in the message subject IS from Nero, and IS in the same directory as CDSpeed.EXE.

Do you have Adaptec Aspi (or another Aspi driver) installed also? I am asking since this could be the culprit.


So I downloaded an Adaptec tool called “aspichk.exe”, and it would appear that I do have Adaptec ASPI drivers installed, though not in the same directory as mentioned above for CDSpeed.

Do I have to remove these and replace them with something else? If so how, and with what?

(Output from aspichk.exe):

 LOG0143: *****************************************************************
 LOG0144: Starting ASPICHK installer on Sat Jul 18 17:46:04 2009

ASPICHK0438: OS = Windows NT (5.00.2195)
UPGRADE1004: c:\winnt\system32\wnaspi32.dll dated 12/23/1997 00:23:24, 48128 bytes.
UPGRADE1062: c:\winnt\system32\wnaspi32.dll version
UPGRADE1004: c:\winnt\system\winaspi.dll dated 12/23/1997 00:23:46, 5600 bytes.
UPGRADE1062: c:\winnt\system\winaspi.dll version
UPGRADE1004: c:\winnt\system32\drivers\aspi32.sys dated 12/23/1997 01:02:46, 23936 bytes.
UPGRADE1062: c:\winnt\system32\drivers\aspi32.sys version
UPGRADE1004: c:\winnt\system\wowpost.exe dated 12/23/1997 00:23:36, 4672 bytes.
UPGRADE1062: c:\winnt\system\wowpost.exe version
ASPICHK0582: ASPI is properly installed and is fully operational. A total of 4 host adapters have been detected.
LOG0218: Closing installer log on Sat Jul 18 17:46:04 2009
LOG0219: *****************************************************************

Aspi is not needed on W2k and newer. The problem is, how to get rid of it properly. There is a killaspi.bat floating around in the internet, but I am not sure if this removes the Adaptec Aspi drivers properly. If I remember correctly, some additional work in the registry was needed also.
In case there are permission problems after the removal of Adaptec’s Aspi drivers, install Nero Burn Rights, which is available from


Most everything I’ve read about ASPI on Windows, even including Win2k & XP, eventually has a step where the latest Adaptec ASPI layer is reinstalled …

Should I do anything with this?

I have Vista I will post an image of the ASPI layer “aspichk.exe” shows.
I did use force aspi17 for part of doing this but I suspect 18 is the newest version.
I don’t have any Nero installed except for InfoTool I do have the WNASPI32.DLL in the same folder it is in.This is the Nero one.
I have my CDSpeed folder elsewhere on my OS & it doesn’t have any WNASPI32.DLL in it.
It works on my OS.
My only burning drive is an IDE & CDSpeed works with it.
The version I have is supposed to be the most stable version.

[QUOTE=lasitter;2310058]CDSpeed is only seeing my SATA burners.[/QUOTE]

Try doing a test immediately after rebooting the computer and/or turning the enclosure off and on again.

I’ve had CDSpeed not be able to see my Firewire devices after my computer has been in sleep or hibernate mode. I can’t tell whether the problem is that the computer can’t detect them after waking up, or if it’s the enclosure that goes to sleep and can’t be seen later.

Thanks. I’ll give that a shot.