CDSpeed media quality scans on the Pioneer 108?

When I first got my Pioneer 108 I know that the only scanning program that would work for me was DVDinfopro, it wasn’t really a very good drive for media scans but at least it gave some sort comparative indication between different media.

A month or so ago I flashed this burner over to the PIOdata firmware (1.18) to allow +R to -Rom booktype bitsetting and recently I’ve found that nero CD-DVDspeed is now doing media quailty scans were it wouldn’t before. The thing is I’ve also updated CD-DVDspeed a few times as well, so I’m not sure if it’s the updated firmware or the updated CDspeed proggy that’s making the difference.

Could someone using a Pioneer 108 with official firmware (1.18 or higher) please let me know if they can scan ok with nero cd-dvdspeed. The lastest version is 4.01 btw, its available here :

PS: The nero cdspeed media quailty scans really aren’t too bad on this drive now. Sure the PI curve is generally higher and a little more erratic than if scanned on a liteon burner but the PIFs value are pretty good. I borrowed a buddies SOHW 832S last week to do some scanning and found the while that drive was consistantly scoring lower PIF rates than my 108 that the relative ranking of the media (best to worst) reported by cdspeed on the 108 exactly mirrored the 832S’s ranking.

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“Sure the PI curve is generally higher and a little more erratic”

This is normal. There is no official support from CD Speed for Pioneer drives, the PI results are not accurate because it doesn’t count with the right ECC, so actually CD Speed reports about 8 times the amount of PI you would theorically get.

I already tried to manually modify the ECC setting by tweaking the registry settings but it didn’t work. :frowning:

About PIF, there is a strange thing. Pioneer drives don’t report PIF but PO which in theory are not the same. So I wonder what does CD Speed take into account to report PIF. :confused:

What I noticed, though, is that the PIF report in CD Speed with my 109 is rather consistent with the PIF report on my Benq 1620 with the same discs, so even if HOW it’s possible is a mistery to me, the good news is that you may trust PIF report when scanning with Cd Speed on a Pioneer drive (at least on the 109). I’m glad to learn that a 108 owner can confirm this.

Would you post some of your scans, I’m curious :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure here’s a couple I just did. The first one is a GSC003 and it’s an ok scan, about average for this media. The second scan is a Princo DVD-R 4x.

It’s clear that the princo is scanning much worse than the GSC003 (as expected). Also notice the large increase in PIF near the end of the disc which is pretty much characteristic for Princo (and the reason most of mine are under-burnt to only about 4.0GB

Thanks :slight_smile:

From the GSC scan, it looks like CD Speed does NOT report 8x the error rate with your 108. This is a typical GSC003 scan like the ones I had with my Benq. Strange…

My best guess is that it’s this PIOdata firmware… very interesting…

My pioneer 108 permanately changes speed when you select a speed in nero cdspeed for quality scanning … what out for it