CDSpeed finds high PI Failures - same spot every time

I am having trouble burning DVD+Rs at the moment. The drive I am using is a Lite-on IHAS422 with 4L11 firmware. The discs are the same ones I always use - Verbatim MCC 004 DVD+R. Usually I get great results from these discs, and when I run CDspeed, it always scans excellent. The drive is 3 months old. So, this spindle has been giving me a lot more PI failures than I usually get (1,500-2,000 instead of 100-200), but Nero has still been giving the discs a score of 95 or 97, with the PI errors never getting higher than 3 (rarely 4).

All of a sudden, the last few nights, every disc is getting a quality score of 60 or under, sometimes even 0, with PI errors ranging from 7 all the way up to 20+. Most of the discs seems to scan as usual, but there is 1 spot early on that always hits that spike, and it is always in the exact same spot on every disc. Does that make any sense? I have been assuming that I just got a poor spindle, but now I’m wondering if my drive may be having a problem. The version of CDspeed I’m using is (modified to enable scanning by this drive). One disc that scored a 0, you can actually see the area on the disc where it failed, there was a ring that stood out from the rest of the burn. Does anybody have any suggestions? Does it sound like a bad spindle or hardware failure?