CDspeed feature request



Since CDspeed is mostly used for disc quality tests and testers usualy burn an image using the create disc function before the test, I would love having the option to run directly the quality test after the image burn has been finished, without user intervention. :bow:

It would help do other things away from the computer while these test last. E.g. someone could do laundry or dishes while performing the above tests, or go to buy some more media to test :slight_smile:


Another feature I think would be useful is the ability to superimpose the write curve on any graph in CD-DVD Speed, like the TRT, PIF, and any other graph additions in future versions of the program. :flower:


I would love to have a CD/DVD Speed that support Nero’s splitted NRGs Image :slight_smile:


How about supporting LG drives. That would be real nice.:clap:


My little request: a Volume label variable for the captured image filename scheme. I always need to add the disc volume label to my scan screenshots files manually… :frowning:


Actually that would be handy :iagree: - when I do my 6-monthly scans, I save the files by their volume name :slight_smile:


Just saw this. AFAIK, CD-Speed has supported this for some time (maybe all along). Just specify the first file (e.g. xxx.nrg) and the subsequent part xxx.nrg.001 will be automatically burned as well. I’ve done this a number of times.