CDspeed/Disc Info/Write strategies

What’s the CDspeed Disc Info Write strategies?

The latest CDspeed program shows write speed as 6x-8x, and that’s the choices I have when burning, but the write strategies says 4x.

An older version of CDspeed gives the write strategies as 4x-8x.

I discovered the same thing and reported it here.

In my opinion it’s a bug in CDSpeed.

You could be right about the bug, but I have noticed that there are at least 2 revisions of this media some ending in Yuden000-T02-000.8 Like the above and some do not have this,but seeing as you used the same media in both tests I am probably wrong.

Definitely a bug in the latter versions, 4.5x.x onwards, amongst other bugs. Earlier versions did not have it.