CDSpeed Can't Find Drives

when I tried to launch cdspeed.exe, it gave me the “No CD-ROM drives found”. I got two NEC 3520AW drives. I didn’t have a problem before, just after installing windows i can’t run this program any more. any suggestions on what’s goin on? I tried to use kprobe but it only scan for 2 seconds. thanks

Hmmm, Are your drives properly installed in the device manager, did you install your chipset drivers after the new Windows install, can you burn with the drives?

the chipset drivers were installed after OS installed. Device Manager shows that the drivers for the drives are correct and i can burn with them fine.

i forgot to mentioned that within KProbe, if I use the ASPI drivers, some how these drives are showing up 0-0-2-0 & 0-0-3-0. But if I switch the drivers to SPTI, i can see my dvd-burners fine although they are showing up as 0-0-2-0 F:_NEC DVD_RW ND-3520AW 1.UF, 0-0-3-0 F:_NEC DVD_RW ND-3520AW 1.UF AND 3-0-0-0 H:HS5631L (this is the virtual drive).

Could it be that the virtual drive software is stuffing things up?

Just a guess. :wink:

i uninstalled daemon-tools and cdspeed couldn’t find any cd-rom drives when i tried to start it.

Either install Nero, or get Nero WNASPI32.DLL from their site and put it into the cdspeed folder.

K-Probe only works with Lite-On drives so no point in trying it with NEC drives. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that CDSpeed requires ASPI, but it does require “gdiplus.dll” to be in it’s program directory. Maybe a re-install of CDSpeed is in order.

mine doesn’t. i just run the CDSpeed.exe from any directory and all features work fine without any other files.

i wonder if the Nero Registry Checker might assist here? it’s helped me before when my drives have disappeared.


I was having the same problem. My Benq1640 wasn’t showing up in CD-SPEED, but it was showing up in KProbe under the SPTI driver. So I thought it had to do something with APSI. Turns out I was right. :smiley:


Unzip to a folder.
Run killASPI.bat
Run instASPI.bat

Done. You should be able to see it in cd-speed and in Kprobe under APSI.

Now if I could only figure out how to get my Yuden000 T02 to get score higher than 97… :sad: