CDspeed does not work with Plextor drives?

Sorry to ask this, but when I enter “CDspeed Plextor” in search, I get directed to a nonexistant page. The disc quality tab doesn’t work on genuine plextor drives, does it?


plextor likes to force you to use their proprietary software. do a search for plextools and you’ll be able to do scans.

I had a plextor for about 20 minutes (before i cross flashed it to a benq), but I think i remember someone mentioning something about an unofficial firmware or some type of registry modification to allow you to use cdspeed, but i could be making that up. I’m sure someone in here will know better than i do!

CDSpeed Disc Quality scanning does not work with genuine Plextor drives (i.e. non-rebadged). you need to use Plextools Pro, PT Pro XL or Alexnoe’s PxScan.

Nero CD-DVD Speed has limited funcunality with Plextor drives as Plextor has Plextools to do the full gamut of tests. With CD Speed you can create Data discs ,test transfer rate but you can’t do quality scans with Nero CD-DVD Speed no matter what version.
EDIT: drpino beat me to it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, thanks guys. I wished you had better news but I feared to hear just that…

Complain to Plextor that they terrorize developers who add support for plextor scan functions to their tools

There’s an old thread here that pretty much sum up:

I never heard of Plextor terrorizing anyone…even hackers…

You also claimed a Fiat was a knockoff of a BMW :wink:

A really biting retort…better luck next time…

Out of curiosity I just dug out my 3 year old Liteon XJ-HD166s (which is just a reader)and connected it via my USB adapter. It can actually do a quality scan for PIE and PIF! Unfortunately, it has no adjustable speed, so the results are meaningless.

Did you try “CD Bremse” to adjust the speed?

I tried that long ago, when that drive was on “active duty” :wink: As with all LiteON readers I had, it has no external way to lower the reading speed. I did find a hacked bios set with plenty of different “top speeds” bios versions, some of which are low for silent operation. Well, the drive certainly had its merits, for one, it would read a DVD+R5 with 16x. But you certainly had dive bomber acoustics all day. :bigsmile:

Edit: To avoid confusion, the lack of regulation applies to DVD disks. CD speed can be set, iirc.