CDs won't play in either car or walkman



About 7 months ago I got Cakewalk’s Pyro 2003 because the CDs I burned on Real had crackling on the last few tracks. This worked well for about four months, but suddenly the CDs wouldn’t play in either of our cars nor would they play in our walkman CDF player.
They do play in the CD player in the computer (a Dell Dimension 4500) and in home CD players. Since I make compilations of CDs I own, they’re mostly to use in the car.
I’ve tried switching programs to B’s recorder, tried several brands of CDs, and even put in a SONY CD-RW in place of the original burner, all to no avail.
Thanks in advance for any advice.


It could be a number of things really:

  1. are the CD’s scratched?
  2. are they left in direct sunlight in the car?
  3. are they recognised at all (do track numbers appear) or are they rejected straight away?

The CD drive in your car / walkman are not as sensitive as the ones in your PC and home CD unit as these can correct errors on the discs while your car / walkman has enough trouble trying to fill the jog-proof memory so the CD does not skip.
Then again maybe the lens needs cleaning.


I can still play the CDs I made up to that point. I played one in my car today that I made prior to the problem starting. I made 100+ CDs that all still play well in the car CDs.
The CDs are brand new. As I said, I’ve used several brands of CDs from Staples store brand to Memorex-all with the same result.
Thanks for trying to help me.


I occassionally can’t burn a CD at all. I get an error message about PortableDevice2.dll Should I download that dll or get it from my Windows XP disc? If so, how do I install it?

Thanks again.


I use Pyro also, and I had the same problem, I found it was cheap media I was using, it wouldn’t last long.