CD's Won't PLay - help please



Hi, sorry to trouble everyone but I hope you can help with what I believe should be a simple problem.

I am trying to create CD’s for playing in my Car etc from MP3’s on my PC – I am trying to burn Discs using Windows Media player. I have done it in the past successfully but I am having problems.

Everything goes ok and the music appears on the CD-R in a CD Audio Track format i.e. a .cda format. The CD will play fine in my PC, but when I put it in the car CD player it just ejects and won’t play. HELP please……………

I have created other CD’s which are in this format and they play fine in the PC – is there some setting I need to change or something stupid I am not doing i.e. formatting the CD – sorry pretty thick at all this any help appreciated.


You have MP3 files on your PC

Do you want a CD of MP3 tracks or should it have “normal” CD audio?

If you want to put MP3 tracks onto your CD, try burrrn

If you want “normal” audio, then you need to burn WAV audio format to the disc. Either rip and burn from your original CDs, or convert back to wav using Nero or do a google search for a MP3 to WAV convertor (you may have to pay if you want a good one).

Burrrn will also do a good job of putting WAV tracks onto a CD.


Burrrn is able to create an audio CD from mp3 source material directly. Also, mp3 decoders are mature, so there is no need for some possibly expensive software.