Cd's won't burn. . . old or new drive

I’ve burned CD’s for years, suddenly they won’t burn… will play in computer, but not elsewhere, same box of discs. Put new drive in, same thing… something has reset something?? Using Wind Media PLayer (hate it… but) also tried Nero that came w/new drive, it drove me crazy and I uninstalled it. Help!

Give us some details on specific file formats you’re working with, or are you ripping audio CDs?..
FWIW, I hate WMP also…So I don’t use it…Are you ripping/burning with WMP now?..Try something else, like CDex or EAC, foobar2k, dBpoweramp etc…
Burn with Burrrn, BurnAware, CDBurnerXP etc…
Try different media…

Give ImgBurn a try for the burn.
Since I have it I also rip with AnyDVD on.
I rip with EAC but I did the settings with a guide to tweak it to my drive.
Also to rip the wav files the way I wanted them.
I don’t use it to do the final tag if I convert to .mp3’s but it’s Ok for .wav files if you are burning back to an Audio CD.
If you don’t want to do the setting work on EAC you might be better off with CDex it’s a bit easier & a good program also.

These are .mp3 files - been using them for years… w/no problems. My complaint w/wind media player is you can’t use your file structure to find what you want to burn. I tried another freebie - it’s at office, don’t remember what it was, it kept asking for a CD RW disc instead of CDR’s…

Loaded Imgburn - and as usual, first disc will play on computer, but not in my car player. I sure wish I could find what’s going on… just noticed in my add/remove program list, roxio is shown, but I have no place to find the program to use it… all shortcuts etc. are gone, could this be a factor?

Forgot to add – this happens on both my home and my office PC… I had to do something wrong - please help me find out what!! L W

Does your car player support mp3 playback?..If not you need to burn a standard audio CD…Which is PCM/wav, 16/44.1khz