CDs with "yellow fever"

I most confess that I haven’t paid much attention of threads about CD-Rs
because they usually not as problematic as DVDs , if this thing was discussed
before,please link it to me.
The problem is that I was looking at some of my CDs and most of the FUJI 24
and 52x top are slowly turning yellow starting from the edge.Similar goes on
with a few Philips and Imation (with silver top). They weren’t subjected to
sunlight and nobody pissed on them. I checked a few CDs stored down the
office where it’s cool&dry and they are pretty much the same.
Anybody having similar experience?
Photo enclosed (this is probably the worst one).

I’ve also noticed yellowing on some Ritek (Platinum) and Moser Baer (Imation) CD-R, but the discs were still readable. Didn’t do scans though :frowning:

But Made in Germany Fuji CD-R :eek:

I’ve had this happen, mainly on older Imation (24x) media. I had some that were unreadable and some that were really bad but still readable. But I have no way of knowing if the discoloration is the cause of that. Made in Japan Fuji from the same time period has not discolored at all.

I went through and recopied what I could.

sony ones, at least the ones ive seen do that.

Barring any evidence to the contrary, such as C1/2 error scans, these should be considered dying discs and replaced ASAP. “Disc Rot” as it’s called, is the result of a poorly sealed disc, and is caused by oxidization of the materials inside. This can also occur with manufactured discs.

Such yellowing does not necessarily indicate a poorly manufactured or decaying disc. It is often simply discoloration of the overcoat material.

My experience is that mostly matte silver discs are affected by this…
Disc rot can easily be detected by looking at the bottom :slight_smile:

Yeah,I discovered this only on silvercolored matte discs so far.I looked at some
white ones and they are okay.It took more than a year to look like this,but others
are discoloring more slower.Maybe it has something to do with the paintjob on the
surface,I can’t scan so I can’t tell if the bottom part is affected by this(it ain’t
showing as far as I can tell).They were sold and stored in seperate jewel cases.

During my search I did find one FUJI disc that actually rots (see enclosed photo,
near the hub the silver material is peeling off) but this disc (which is older
than the others) has no yellowing despite being FUJI matte silver!

I’m a bit confused by the answers, if someone has a disc that got yellow and
can do a quality scan please let me know the result.Imation and Philips (mp3 series)
are also affected.
I still have a bunch of blank FUJI 52X that I’m planning to use so I’d like to know what’s this.

Thank You.

Chances are that it’s the screen-printed overcoat that’s discoloring. One way to determine this is to compare the textured areas on the disc surface to the smooth uncoated portions.

If you can’t scan your discs try conducting some simple tests. Run them through CD-DVD Speed to see if there are any slowdowns and copy your files (if they are data discs) to your hard drive then perform a file compare.

Obviously, the condition of any disc it particular to itself so while it’s possible to make general comments you ultimately need to evaluate what you have. If you’re concerned about loosing valuable material you should make copies of the discs in question (having two copies is a good practice at the best of times).

Since CD’s are constructed with no protection for the dye and reflective layers on the back of the disc, you should assume that any degradation of the overcoat (top layer) will also eventually effect the layers underneath. Better safe than sorry, IOW.

Did a TRT on the disc of the first picture and it looks like an alligator’s mouth.
But other CDs scan like this on the Pioneer so it’s probably the reader.
It’s hard to tell what’s up with my other CDs because of their different color
so this shade may won’t show up.

By the way,what is the reputation of these FUJIs,who makes them?
(Hub code FPL85UB),packaging:

ROFL @ pissing on discs. Damn that made me laugh.

Anywho, yes my pioneer scans cds the same. I have had the yellowing experience on Ritek DVD-R inkjet printables, where I had written in black texta. Also, my verbatim CD-R go yellow around where I had written.

Not too sure if it’s normal or harmful but I’d probably back those discs up sometime in the near future.

FPL85UB = made with their own ATIP. Should be good.

This is a scan of one of mine that was yellowed…

Again, I have no idea how it was quality wise when it was burned, and I don’t know that the yellowing has anything to do with the quality.


Here you are: A Sony CD-R, the only one of the spindle that went bad.
I also had some rotten Platinum branded 32x Ritek CD-R: (The unwritten blanks got the “yellow fever” - used them for fun then)


now I went through all my CDs and the older 8X ones are rotting around
the hub while most of the 24,52X go yellow. That’s it for FUJI Made in Germany.

I need a replacement plan and I have to ditch my blank Fujis as well.I may get
a spindle of Plextors (Made in Japan?) or something.

The loveliest example is not Fuji though,but this Philips specimen,
Before and After:


it depends on where you are located. I’d recommend Verbatim Pastel (genuine TY, Made in Japan) or Verbatim Extra Protection “Made in Japan” (there are also “Made in China” variants).

The loveliest example is not Fuji though,but this Philips specimen,
Before and After:
Very nice. :iagree:


These two Philips discs are from different manufacturers as we can see from the hub codes, so different yellowing behavior can be expected. :frowning:

FYI, there’s also Made in India Extra Protection.

I bought a pack of PLEXTOR Made in Japan (TY) LINK
There were a couple of Verbs but not Japanese. I haven’t opened it yet so if
this is no good then let me know and might change it to Verbs. These Plextors
have matte silver coat so I will be able to see if colorchange is occuring or not.

I’m trying to figure out what to replace, the ones I’ve talked about obviously,
the notorious Philips multipurpose series has to go (if I’m not too late) and
I have a bunch of “mystery” discs (Precision,Koch,DataTrack),lots of
RFD/RADs under different brands (Maxell,Tevion - these must be Riteks),
EMTEC 52X like this:
These EMTECs (Made in Singapore) have very similar stampercodes to some
TDKs I have (d-view and Metallic) -CDR UG 80 for Emtec and TDK UG 80 for
the Tdks- maybe these are coming from the same manufacturer (Plasmon?).
I will try to find a CD Identifier software but I don’t know how widespread
the faking of codes on CDs (for example Emtec put MCC codes on their DVDs).


Since my Fuji germany cd-r’s still scan better as my TY’s when it comes on the higher as 16x burned ones. :slight_smile:
Yep there is quite some yellowing (not so much as that batch of AOD disc’s I have)

Good but turning yellow so far:
FUJI, AOD, Verbatim Datalife PLus Printable(The whiter ones are actually the degrading ones :frowning: ) , sony printable (Taiyo Yuden (this one is not only turning slowly yellow but is also showing black dots !)

BAd and turning yellow:
Platinum (RITEK),Imation (CMC), EMTEC(CMC/MBIL), MMORE (??), That’s write (lead data, Ritek) ,PHilips (Ritek)

Maxell (MPO) (not tested yet)
Sony (lead data with sony atip) - Minor signs of degradation but these could be through the handling of the disc actually.