CD's unreadable in XP



Time for me to stop lurking :stuck_out_tongue: blush

Yesterday I made a complete backup of my W2K server system, using Nero (sorry, version unknown, but 6+). After that, I formatted my disk (hence the unknown Nero version) and brought it to the store so they could upgrade some parts. Okay, no problems so far.

Today however I needed a file from one of the CDs on another system (WinXP) and the CD’s suddenly all contained nothing but one single audio track. After rebooting the XP machine the system was unable to read the CDs at all, and all I got was an error message telling me that the structure is corrupt.

My question of course is firstly: are my CDs phucked? :wink: and secondly: should they be fine if I use the W2K server system again (after installing it) to read them or did I just loose all my data (:disagree: ) ? Just curious about your opinions on this :slight_smile:


Hm. Doesn’t sound nice. You could try IsoBuster to see if the information is still readable. That’s as far as I can guess.