CDs too expensive? Goverment tells public to quit buying CDs, DVDs

I just posted the article CDs too expensive? Goverment tells public to quit buying CDs, DVDs.

The Malaysian Deputy Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk S Subramaniam told buyers to quit spending their money on CD and DVDs while the prices are as high as they currently…

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CD’s have always been way too expensive, take for example in the UK a single album will set you back £11.99, a double upto £15.99. The average PC game has increased to £39.99??? The same double album can be bought from local markets for £3 and PC games £3.50, so I have heard, or it almight just be rumor.:g

People don’t need to boycott what they can’t afford in the first place. Even for a government official this statement is just silly. Note to movie industry from Malaysia: Lower your prices 95% to help stamp out Piracy. LOL

spelling problem Anoher point is that :wink:

Of course the price is the main decision maker, but how is it possible some fools from the music industry declare that prices can’t be lowered. In neighbouring Thailand the price for a local music CD is 139 Baht (2.78 €) and the same cd as karaoke is 150 Baht (3.1 €) New imported US & European music for about 480 Baht (9.91 €) … your conclusion ? Another reason for buying pirated versions is because they come out months before the real product …
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Like they (the entertainment industries) care? They even increase the price rather than lowering it recently … at least in Malaysia.

The Government are bound (and completely correct) to make this statement since it’s the Governmentpeople of Malaysia that pick up the bill for combating piracy. Who the f*ck do these industries think they are? Not only are they leeching off peoples backs through high prices, but then they leech again, expecting the gov to deal with their piracy problem… What a bunch of parasites they really are…