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I would like to copy a bunch of my CDs to a DVD format in a greatest hits compilation style. I’m 100 % interested in maintaining the highest sound quality level as possible. What do you guys recommend as a good user friendly DVD creator software package. Thanks much in advance, Paul

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If you are planning to play these discs on your computer, then there is a method to do this (see below), but if you are planning to play the DVDs on a standalone, then it is rather difficult, because for what I know no standalone is able to play DVD discs with audio files.

You can simply rip all your audio CDs into FLAC or APE (both free and lossless formats, i.e. no quality loss: all files will be identical to the original) and then burn the files on a DVD as a data disc. With a player like foobar2000 or winamp (both free) you can listen for your music easily :slight_smile:

Actually, some standalone players are able to read FLAC files, but prices are not exactly “wallet-friendly” :frowning:

geno888, Thanks for replying. I’ve been into sound reproduction hardware for more years than I would like to admit to, (as far back as direct to disc vinyl), but this is the first time that I’ve dabbled into the software end. I have a Yamaha 961 Universal Player along with 2 Pioneer SC-07 7.1 channel (bi amped) Amplifiers. I was also hoping to add some 5.1 SACDs in with the standard Cds, to the DVD mix, but from what I’ve been reading so far, I think that that’s pretty much impossible.
I haven’t begun building a music library from Cd to the computer yet, and I was hoping to also get some guidance on the best way to do that. So I guess what looking for is a good software package(s), to get my Cds to the computer and back out onto DVD, without losing any sound quality and still be able to conveniently retrieve the music. My system is also set up with a dedicated video monitor. Thanks to anyone that can help me out, Paul

I will move this to the audio forum for you in hope of getting more responses.

If 2-ch AC-3 is acceptable, most any DVD editing or authoring program will let you create a slide show with the audio of your choosing. Many also allow setting higher bitrates for improved quality. Essentially you are creating an MPEG-2 video file. You can also use PCM (wav) audio, but this will consume a great deal more disc space.

5.1 SACD cannot be ripped by any means known, and won’t even be readable on a PC drive. 5.1 DVD-A can be ripped to 5.1 or 2-ch PCM using available free tools, search “DVDAExplorer”.

Also, software for creating 5.1 DD for DVD-Video is very rare and expensive. 2-ch is far more prevalent.

There are a few tools around for authoring DVD-Audio discs, but compatibility with stand-alone players is mixed.

I forgot to add that the easiest method for using DVD is to create a data disc with MP3 files. Many set-top players will accept discs with MP3 and other file types. Some allow FLAC format, almost none allow “.wav” format but some do allow varieties of PCM like MLP. Playback of files may get sorted by name, or you can arrange them in folders. Players differ a lot in how they handle this. Many players also have limitations on the number of files allowed, but it’s usually in the hundreds or more. MP3 format support also varies, some players accept variable bitrate MP3, some do not. And some allow high-bitrate MP3 while others do not.

The Oppo 980 player is designed for this, and even allows connecting a USB-2 hard drive with up to 700 files.

There are car audio receivers that allow playback of MP3 files recorded onto DVD discs.

I know that sony makes such a unit, but I’m equally sure that
the other makers, Alpine, Pioneer, Clarion, etc, have head
units that do the same.

I use DVD-R discs to archive my mp3 files against the potential
(inevetible) failure of a hard drive.

I just started doing the same thing for archiving my .wav files.

when you are used to recording mp3’s on CD-R’s it’s
more than a little amazing to see just how few discs
it takes when using DVD-R’s… but then again I
suppose you already realize that :slight_smile:


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