CD's take a long time to load

I am having a problem with my cd-rom drives (plexor cd-rw and sony dvd±rw). I’m not sure if this is a hardware or software problem. When I load a cd into either one it take a really long time for the computer to finally auotdetect the cd. it doesn’t matter what kind of cd it is… is there any help you all can provide?


Please do not crosspost. I have deleted your thread in hardware because I think this more likely a software problem as it is affecting both drives.

The CD is detected however right?

What O/S are you running? Is it up to date with drivers, firmware, and system updates. have you made any recent updates which could have cause any conflicts?

What optical drives do you have? Firmware revisions/updates?
Does everything look normal in Device Manager?

Since its auto-detected, is the assumption that autoplay is enabled safe to make?

To see if its really a software issue, and if its tied into windows, disbale autoplay and place a cd in, and open explorer right away, use “Window key + e”. See if detection time is increased.