Cd's stop spinning with a hard click

When I insert a new CD in my Plextor 12/6 IDE burner CD’s the drive isnt able to spin the CD up. The CD continiously stops spinning with a rough click. My computer hangs sometimes while this is happening.
I can burn a cd but after burning the whole shit starts again. Sometimes Nero hangs and I cant get my cd out. :frowning:
Ive sent my Burner back to Belgium, got it back in a week but with the same fucking problem :frowning: Now my warrenty is expired and I’m stucked with a faulty drive. Fucking Belgian!!

Sounds like a hardware problem indeed.

You feel better now SCVNGR23 ? What was the point of your posting anyway ? :slight_smile:

hello , greetings from belgium , maybe you should send your drive to tora bora in afghanistan , see if it helps ,

all you need is love