CDs skipping - charitable organisation needs help

Hi all. I’m a newbie to this… so please bear with me. Thank you. I work for a charity that produces audio magazines and newspapers for blind/partially sighted people. We burn normal audio CDs and DAISY CDs in their thousands each week. We recently noticed an increase in faulty CDs and was wondering why this might be. At this stage I have little technical info, as the Production Manager isn’t accepting responsibility, so can’t yet go to him for more details. I work in Customer Services, so am seeing first hand the increase in complaints and that they all say the same sort of thing; ‘the cd either skips half way through a track, stutters or reject as faulty’. Is there a good source of info that would help me understand the whole burning process and trouble shooting? Thanks. :cool:

It would help to know how old your burners are and what brand of blank disk you use. Lasers go bad over time and optical media quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, even disks from the same maker vary in quality.

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as Whappo already stated, there are several ingredients required for a good working audio CD.

[li]The drive that is used
[/li][li]The blank media (brand is not very important, but the manufacturer - check with Nero Disc Speed for example)
[/li][li]Burn parameters (burn speed)
Please give us as detailled information about these components.