CDs should be cheaper: One buck forty or die

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i hope the labels who fund that dumb bitch at the RIAA, understand that hey remember when we had the opportunity to win the loyalty of our customers

At that price, I would have a huge CD collection by now. I just go into a store and get a CD as long as I knew it had a few songs I like. Maybe several each week :slight_smile: But instead, they discovered that they could make lots of money by just increasing the prices bit by bit and sueing anyone who pirates music. :frowning: Now, at €22 (roughly $23) per CD, I rarely go out to get a CD. I buy the occasional one online (roughly €14/Album on every couple of months and that’s only if I like most of the songs on the CD or I’ve downloaded several songs to try them out. :c

At such a price (even rounded up to, say €2), I would instantly start buying CDs again! (Provided they are not copy-protected, that is.)