Cd's Rot in tropical areas

I just posted the article Cd’s Rot in tropical areas.

I read this in my new Stereophile magazine issue. Here it is reprinted without permission:


Jon Iverson

The compact disc has given rise to all sorts of questionable accessories: magic…

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Maby I better move to the north pole :4 mind u my pc would complain its to damm cold and refuse to work :c lol GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK!

Actuelly it would be glad if you moved to the North Pole. The only problem is the humidity upthere.

I have a couple of these CD’s that I am pretty sure is fungus eating them. Inside they have little brown rings and circles on the aluminum layer and they came out of nowhere. The CD’s have mostly no scratches or physical damage… Kinda weird! I guess my house is equalled to a hot, tropical area!