CDs, roms, etc.. are not auto launching

I just bought the pioneer dvr-109 and also upgraded the firmware to 1.57.

This is my first burner. I’m wondering if this is normal that none of my discs auto launch anymore and I have to manually go to my computer and dbl click the drive.

Is there a fix for this?

Right click drive in My Computer, properties, auto play, click radio button at the bottom (Prompt me each time to choose an action).

A lot of ppl don’t like this feature.

Like I said, it doesn’t launch anything or prompt me to select an action. I do have it selected to prompt me each time but nothing happens when I put in a disk. I have to manually dbl click the drive and click on the set up option or anything.

If I put in a CD it won’t play it. I have to dbl click on the songs to play them.

It is disabled for good reason!

All reliable burning apps will do that.

So nothing will ever auto play when a disc is insterted?

Do you understand what I’m talking about?

If you’re not afraid of checking group policies, do the following (assuming you’re using XP Pro - maybe home has this as well).
Start - Run - gpedit.msc - OK
goto Administrative Templates under Computer Configuration, then System
Within that set of policies, you’ll see the following:
Turn off Autoplay
If it is enabled, you should set it to not configured or disabled, that should resolve your issue if it’s the cause of it.

Search the MS site, there is autorun fix for roms, you need put disc in tray and run tool.