Cds ripped into itunes skip in playback after syncing to my ipod

I am not sure what is going on but, I this is starting to happen a few too many times. I bought an album used off amazon, & ripped it into my itunes library, synced it to my ipod & after playback of it on my ipod the 2and to the last track skips & jumps all over the place, & I have error correction checked in itunes import options. So, thinking I got a bad disc, I return it to amazon & buy another new copy of it from ebay. When I get my 2and copy, I delete the 1st rip of the 1st skipping album from my itunes library. Then I re import or re rip the new 2and copy of the album into my itunes library. I do another ipod sync syncing the new good copy of the album (to my eyes it looked clean without any big scratches). I play it on my ipod & the same 2and to last track is skipping like crazy again. I cant believe that 2 copies bought from 2 different sources of this same album can have a skip in the same place, unless there was a mass mistake in this album manufactured?

What is happening? I am tired of having to go back all the time to be sure I am getting a good rip of each of my albums. In addition, another recent album I just acquired (not the same one I am talking about in the above paragraph) also ripped into itunes with skips.Up until recently, I have not had very many if any problems like this until now.I even double checked both these albums; played them on my cd player & there were no skipping in the songs that skip on playback on my ipod.

I do check my discs to be sure they are clean, & that my drive is clean.

What I would try is, ripping with something else, e.g. EAC or dBpowerAmp, J-River Jukebox etc. and see if that helps…I use iTunes simply to sync the pod, but I never use it for actually ripping CDs…I know you’d rather have the physical CD disc, however unless you’re ripping to a lossless format for archiving, Dl’d some digital albums and see if that helps any…Most Amazon albums I’ve purchased are 256 or 320 kbps…I also purchase from iTunes occasionally 256kbps AAC…
Have you checked around the iTunes forums for similar issues?..Are any other tracks(besides iTunes rips) skipping??..Are you’re tracks MP3 or AAC/m4a?..What format are you having issues with?..

I am using mp3 format, 192 constant bit rate with stereo normal.

I tried a few things; 1st I played the CD with my DVD burner on my computer & went to the songs that were “skipping” I played the CDs in itunes, the CDs themselves played ok, those songs did not skip. I ripped one of the albums using windows media player, & went to the skipping track on one of the albums & it seemed to play ok. But on the other album I ripped; same song skipped in both windows media player & itunes.

I posted this same question in the apple support forums & someone suggested unchecking the use error encoding box for cds. I unchecked the use error encoding in itunes & re imported the album, then went to the troublesome track to play in itunes, & it was skipping badly again, so I think itunes is doing a bad job of ripping cds.

Its nice to know that the discs themselves do not seem to be bad. The only problem with using more than one program for managing my mp3 library is that it takes up hard drive space having duplicate libraries for each program; one library of albums ripped in windows media player, & another itunes library for syncing the ipod. I also notice when I drag & drop or add an album I ripped in windows media player into itunes, it will show up in itunes, but in windows explore it may not show up in my itunes library directory on my external hard drive.

So it seems to be hit & miss with some of these albums, I dont quite know what to do, the CDs themselves seem to play ok, but when ripped with itunes or windows media player, some times there is a skip with itunes, & not windows, & sometimes with both.

Is there a program that can do it all? without having to have multiple libraries for different purposes. Which free program is the best for ripping CDs?

I often just buy the used disc, because it is often cheaper, with shipping combined than buying the mp3 album.

I use CDEx for ripping CDs to MP3, and WinAmp for my player, manager and iPod syncher. I don’t own an iPod but my kids do and they think WinAmp does OK. If you buy the MP3 encoding license for WinAmp, you can rip with that too.