CD's readable for 3speed cd-rom

I have an older Intel 486 DX2 system from 1994 (win 95 OS) as backup for things like office-application files, older dos games,…
I have now an AMD XP2000+ system with a plextor 24/10/40A writer on board. (winxp home as OS).
The writer works fine, writing CD’s, rewritables is no problem.
My problem: i 've tried a few times to write a cd with stuff for my 486-system without succes. My 3speed cd-rom wont accept them.
Any tips on choice of CD-media or settings for writing a CD for such an old CD-rom? I use Nero as burnsoftware.
It’s maybe not a good idea to use CD’s of 80 min in this case?

Maybe try some quality media like Taiyo Yuden.

It all depends on your drive’s capabilities. Some old drives can play virtually any CDR, others have lots of difficulties. My first cdrom (external scsi, 1x) plays everything what I’ve tried, whereas a 4x doesn’t .

However, most drives have difficulties with CDR’s that give less reflection (mostly see-through cheap media). 80min can be a problem too. So maybe it’s best to get 1 cdr of different brands (TDK, Sony, Maxwell, Phillips, Verbatim,…) and test them. Next: get a 100+ box of the CDR with the best compatibility (if any) and use them only for the old drive (100+ because CDR’s productionlines change all the time, even for the same brand ;))

BTW: any CDRW will NOT work in such an old drive.

I agree, try a Taiyo Yuden or Princo CD-R, also, try to set your burn speed as low as it can go on the plextor. Also be sure that you are burning the CD with no multisession and make sure that the CD is finalized.

I’m gonna try some other brands of CDR’s with less capacity(minus 80 min).

Can you give anymore details about that 3 speed cdrom player ?

yep start to try 74 min only cd’s…

Problem solved: a Sony - 700 MB (1x-40x compatible) gets accepted. I did not test any other cd’s…it was right from the first time with the Sony. (No multisession-finalize cd activated)
No further suggestions needed…thanks.
P.S. : In response to Mr.Belvedere: it’s a Mitsumi triple speed (fx-series).
Case closed.:slight_smile: