Cds not working well

Hey guys, I’m having an abnormal problem with my DVDRW device, that’s when I insert a and DVD format disc into it it works soo fine, but when i insert a cd format, weather it’s a cd-rom or cd-r or cd-rx, while reading or writing to it too, the computer get’s frozen or stuck, but not all of the time (most of the time) and I’d really appreciate some help. thx

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DVD burners have two separate lasers for CD and DVD. It’s possible that the CD laser is damaged. To exclude a hardware problem you can do a simple test: do a boot from a CD. If the system is able to do a boot from a CD disc, then the drive is not damaged, and there is a problem somewhere in the configuration.

As boot cd you can use the windows installation disc or, better, a linux live distro: these distro don’t install anything on your computer, so are safe to use.

Hey thanks for your reply, I did what you told me to do and the booting did well, I could’ve reinstalled my window… any way I tried a cd again while using my Win XP normally but the comp got stuck again and i had to restart it again to work normally, and Ideas on what to do in the configurations???
really appreciate it.

Check that cables are connected correctly.

Even if it’s not a “must”, also a 80 wire IDE cable can be a good thing. Be also sure that PSU is sufficient (if you have many drives and a 200 W PSU, for example, this can cause problems).

My procesor is AMD 3500+ and I have SATA cables not IDE, and I use a 220V-240V ~ 3A PSU with 3 drives, one external H.D.D which uses external electricity, in addition for the monitor to use external electtricity, 1 internal H.D.D. and the DVD-RW Device (which is AOpen btw).


is your DVDRW drive a SATA one? Please specify further.

and I use a 220V-240V ~ 3A PSU
This does only mean, you are living in Europe :wink: You described the input. More interesting is the output, especially the amperage at the different voltages.


yes My DVDRW drive is a SATA one and I dun live in europe :disagree: but how can I tell about the input :confused: , I need a solution or I’m gonna buy a new one… :frowning:

yes My DVDRW drive is a SATA one and I dun live in europe :disagree: but how can I tell about the input :confused: , I need a solution or I’m gonna buy a new one… :frowning:


Please tell us, what drive this exactly is. If you don’t know, then use Nero Info Tool for that.

and I dun live in europe :disagree: but how can I tell about the input
You told about the input, which is totally useless here. You’ll have to open the case and take a look at the sticker of your PSU.
And as you have opened the case, please verify if the cables are connected correctly. Especially SATA cables often get loose.


Hey guy I deiscovered a new thing that may be the main reason for my problem, I went to the nero and checked the info of my Drive and then a pop up from my virus scanner showed up telling me that I have the file winik.sys infected with a winkroot trojan :S:S, shall i just delete it and restart my computer or do something else???

Hi guys, c’mon I’ve reached the final step of my problem, I just wanna know what to do, delete it and restart or do another thing…, and in case the answer is delete it, I wanna know how cuz i tried to clean, quarantine and delete it but everytime it tells me “file bieng used”“cannot be deleted”, thx for all replies to everyone. :bow: