CDs not readable - DVDs are

Hi - my Onkyo CD/DVD Player doesn’t play my CDs - burnt with Roxio or HP DVD writer on EMTEC. Other CD players do. But if I burn a DVD, it works without problems.

Do I need other CDs or another software or is there no chance with CDs on my “old” CD-Player?

Many thanks for any answers - I did some research, but couldn’t find an answer for this perhaps common problem.

Are you using cd-rw? Those are known to be less readable in picky machines. Maybe if you could post the atip code of the cds you are using and what speed you burnt them at. And why roxio? Why, why, why…?

Hi and be welcome!

There are quite some DVD players (especially somewhat older and/or more exensive ones) that have problems with reading burned CD media. Using other media may solve your issues, but there’s no garantuee. Updating the firmware of your device might help as well.

I’d advice to pay a visit to Take a look in their DVD players database and see what other people experienced with this device. That could avoid quite some trial and error sessions :smiley:

@kwkard: there are players that prefer RW media over R media. Take some XBOXs for example… CDR is not readable, CDRW works like a charm. Strange eh?

Many thanks for your answer! I tried to find the atip code on the homepage of emtec - didnt find any hint. But I learnt that the refraction type of the media is the critical point - I have to try out different products?

Thanks again.
P.S. roxio was preinstalled on my Dell. Therefore I tried it with HP DVD writer but it did’t work eigther.

Thanks a lot. I visited the Page and indeed I found very good hints for different media and products!!!