Cd's In Thailand

Hi there peopl, this is my 1st posting so hi.
I was wondering, do they still sell copied cd’s in thailand in bangkok, as i heard that htere was a major crackdown and that many shops had to close like Pantip Plaza. If you could please help it would be very cool. Thanks

i only go to thailand 4 sex

Sure, there are still plenty of shops that sell cd’s. No worries.

All over Thailand !

could you give me some URL’s to visit? :wink:


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F.P. [/B]

Thnx for nothing…
Als dank mag je in mijn guestbook schrijven op :slight_smile:

nothing special on the site though…

software cd are everywhere here, not just pantip plaza…and they are dirt cheap…if u interested let me know…

hell yeah i am intrested, what can u tell me>??
It would be great help!!!

Like i said before, there are shops everywhere.

Just walk in and buy the cd’s, nothing difficult or clandestine about it.

cheers people, u have been great help!!!
i thank u all. But please keep em comming