CD's for long term storage (India)


I am from India. I want to know which cd’s are best in India for long term storage ? Also is sony or moserbaer better ?


I would prefer Sony over Moser Baer, but that’s IMO.
You have access to Moserbaer Pro, but I’m not sure whether this is really better or more stable. I’ve had bad luck with Moser Baer CD-R, they developed bad sectors within one year. :frowning:

If you can get Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Super Azo, definitely try some of these, as they’re both better than Sony. :slight_smile:

In India, Sony CD-Rs [I]are[/I] Moser Baer.

My advice to you cdfnimal, look for Made in Taiwan CD-Rs. Your much more likely to get better quality discs that way.

I’d normally recommend Taiyo Yuden stuff but then I remembered that Made in Japan blank media is normally not available anywhere in India.

Well, if you can’t get Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Super Azo, you should try to get:

  1. Ritek
  2. CMC
  3. Daxon/BenQ
  4. Prodisc

These CD-R will be MIT, MIC or MIM. :slight_smile:
I second [B]soneman[/B].

Which city are you in? If you’re in Delhi or Bombay, Verbatim discs with Verb MIDs are available at decent prices. Otherwise, HP branded CMC discs are also available.

@soneman - not all the time. We get our fair share of Acer/Daxon made Sony media as well.Slowly disappearing though, in favour of MII media, both CDR and DVDR.

Hey Bhairav,

Long time. Can you tell me where you get Verbatim and other quality Discs (both CD-R and DVD+/-Rs at Lamington Road.

Been out of touch for a very long time.