CDs/DVDs Not Recognized by Drives After First Power-Up or Reset

Over 1 year ago, the motherboard in my computer died and I replaced it with a newer, and slightly upgraded board. Since that time, any CD/DVD drive connected to this machine will not recognize a disk after the first power-up or restart of the computer. Everytime I want to view the contents of a different disk (doesn’t matter if it’s a data disk or a movie) I have to restart the machine. Problem exists with internal DVD burner on IDE bus, CD burner on IDE bus, as well as external DVD burner on USB2 port.

Anyone seen this before and have a solution?

AOpen motherboard AK77-600N
AMD Athlon Socket A Processor 462-Pin, 1.53 GHz
WinXP Home Addition w/ SP2
1.25 GB RAM

Could be a psu or connection problem.

Don’t think I’ve got a cable or power supply problem. One of the first things I did was swap out the IDE cable and that didn’t work. Since then, I’ve connected an external USB DVD drive and it does the same thing - different port, different cable. As far as the power supply is concerned, all three drives (CD, DVD internal, DVD external) work totally fine with the exception of not reading a disk after the first power up or reset. I would think I’d have problems with burning disks if the power supply wasn’t keeping up.

I’m beginning to think this motherboard has had a problem since day one. I thought maybe I had missed some setting in BIOS, or maybe a device parameter that would fix this thing, but right now, I believe I will just replace the board and upgrade to a socket 939 processor.

. Check the CMOS battery on the mobo. Sounds like it is good enough to last the few seconds a reboot takes but not much longer.