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Hey guys,
I know this has be said before but I couldn’t find the thread. I have a shop copy of Sims 2, I want to make a DATA back-up of it to a DVD. I’m not botherd about the protection cos I know my DVD Burner (Pioneer DVR-103) can’t hadle it. Anyone got any idea how I can do this?



Hi VirusHack,

Do you have the CD version of the game? You could make an image of each of the CDs using Alcohol 120%, then burn all the images to a DVD using Nero 6/CopyToDVD. Then, using a mounting software (Daemon Tools,Alcohol 120%/52%), mount each one as you need it. It should work.

Good luck.

Thax for the help, tho I was looking to merge all 4 (:p) cds into 1 DVD so that the setup just runs with out me having to much about wiv disks.


Hi again, Thats not possible because when you go to run the game, it won’t run because its not in orginal format.

1000th post!!!

He is looking to install without hastle of switching discs, not to run it off the DVD backup.

The thread you are looking for I believe is this one:

Well thanks for your help guys, but its not gonner work! 1 reason: Sims 2 dosn’t use .msi files, EA use there own engine :p!

Thanks anyway,


hi if you are still interested i might have a way that works?

If its legal why not post it then…

Yeah ok go on then :slight_smile:


whell i got splinter cell pd today with 4 discs and to install it i had to keep swapping discs so i copyed all the disks to 1 folder burnt just the files from the folder (not the folder which contains the files) to a dvd using nero and it works just like its a dvd version of the game, and the screen which says install and all that comes up as well when i insert the disc.

(hope this is legal to post sorry if its not)

This themes have been discussed over there and other places a lot, but i doubt of its legallity (furthermore,warez teams had learn to use it, and thats what i tried to avoid, but …) .msi modification is just one of the available method, but only will work with windows installer ( and those based on). For installshield or EA installer u should use another method. u have this info ( in english) in fileforums, besides it is not the original place it where discussed first (in spanish).

Good luck!