CDs dont read on SOSW-852S



Hey im new here :slight_smile:
I hav an unusual problem that doesn’t seem to be covered anywhere i can find here… wonder if anyone can help me.

I recently bought a laptop that came with a dual-layer dvd burner drive that is unable to burn or even read any form of CD’s.

It turns out it is the slimtype SOSW-852S, with some kind of limit imposed on it by the manufacturer.
I’ve flashed it with numerous different firmwares in the hope that it was just a modified firmware that was causing it’s inability to read CD’s - to no avail.
I’m currently running the PSX3 firmware from the liteon site.
Nero reports the drive can read and burn CD’s with no problems, but it can’t!
I also find it very very temperamental with dvds of any shape and size, sometimes refusing them, sometimes accepting, but almost never doing it well.
I’m thinking perhaps the cd block is interferring with the dvd reads sometimes to cause this, but I don’t really know! >_<

Is there any way I can remove the cd block on my drive? It’s sooo annoying!!
Thanks in advance


The drive might just be damaged.

Can you boot up from the CD-ROM (the reason I ask is to see if the CD-ROM can work outside of Windows)? If not, then it’s a defective drive and you should contact your laptop’s manufacturer.


It can boot from bootable DVD’s if that’s what you mean.
It just sits there and blinks and beeps at me if i put any CD in.

It’s not damaged. it’s “supposed” to be like that. the manufacturer has altered it somehow…


I don’t see why the manufacturer would want to cripple a drive… Does the manufacturer say that it’s supposed to be like this?


The laptop stocks with a CDRW/DVD-ROM
then u pay extra to upgrade to a DVD-only drive (DL +R, DVD+/-RW)
then u pay more extra to the “super-multi” (DL +R, DVD+/-RW, CDRW)
but the two “upgrade” options are the same drive, just the one i have (first one) is crippled somehow.


if the Drive cannot read CDs then it has a problem in my Notebook my Sony DW56A which is the same drive rebadged for Sony has no problems with CDs whatsoever, also why would the maker put a block on reading/writing CDs. Why not do as code65536 said return it to the manufacturer otherwise its pointless asking for help when you wont try what folks say.


I could take it back, but i bought it second hand from a friend (only a couple months old), virtually unused and i didn’t get any kind of warranty information with it.
I can see them tuttering and charging me a fortune if i go to get it “replaced” with the un-locked version.
I was hoping there was a way of doing it without gettin myself ripped off.
I figured since it was the same drive, the block should essentially be able to be removed… perhaps not.


Manufacturers do not block Drives so that they can only read one format of Disc with regards to getting ripped off i think that you already have.


How can u say wat they do and don’t do? It seems unusual to me too, but as far as i can tell that is what they have done. It is specified that the drive is only usable with DVD’s, but the hardware should technically be able to use CD’s. Therefore i conclude they must have switched it off somehow.
Is it possible that the drive physically cannot read/burn CD’s, but nero infotool et al says they can?

And i don’t believe i got ripped off. I picked up an almost perfectly new laptop (no scratches, no hdd corruption etc) for less than half retail price.


Let alone, should i ask… is it possible that an optical drive physically cannot read CD’s, but can burn DVD’s??


as far as i know there was a drive (benq? don’t know exactly) which could only read/write -r with stock firmware. but there was another firmware which enabled both formats.


That’s odd… “Super-Multi” usually is in reference to DVD-RAM. And usually, manufacturers get you to pay extra for DVD burning (or dual-format DVD burning), but I have yet to hear of a manufacturer making you may extra for CD burning on top of DVD burning…

But that’s beside the point. If changing firmwares doesn’t help and getting the warranty on it isn’t an option, then there’s not much left that you could try.