CD's Can't Be Read



I’ve burned several picture CD’s on my Windows XP Pro (SP1) and they cannot be read on a Windows XP Pro SP1 or SP3 or VISTA. After they were burned, I could read them.

I used the drag/drop feature i Windows, no burning software.

Any suggestions regarding how I can at least see the jpegs and then I can upload them to a site that will “professional” write them?



Drag and Drop is your problem. Newer use it if you want to see what is on CD with other computer.
You should be able to see them using same machine if you did not do any updates to it.
Packet writing software is always a struggle, unless at the end you install reader on the disc.
If you do not have original any more, get IsoBuster and copy all files to HDD, than re burn as data.
IsoBuster will read the CD, no problem.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Will the free version work or should I purchase the software?

My plan is to be able to read the files and then just upload them to, say, Walgreens and have a CD burned there.

You saved the day!!!:clap::clap::clap::clap:


The free version should work, at least it wouldn’t hurt to try it before buying. Assuming nothing is wrong with the discs, the PC that created them should still be able to read them. And you can easily burn the files back to disc yourself, just use a normal burning application. ImgBurn, for example, is one of the best and free. Not to mention your pc likely already has an applicaton such as Nero already installed.


Many thanks for th the information. The PC on which they were burned can’t read them, but then again, I’ve updated it with Windows critical updates.

Will make a note of the burning software that you suggested.:):slight_smile: