Cd's are slooow reading

I recently had a few CD-R discs get SLOW on me. Accessing image files off them I may as well take a walk…files aren’t huge, 25MB to 60MB size. Other discs seem to do just fine.
Any ideas to look at?

Maybe is your CD scratched?

Hmm, I just checked and they look fine. They are Maxell CD-R74’s -gold color. Thanks for the idea!

It could be due to the media. However I suggest you burn the CD using an alternative CD burning program and try it out. I have seen a few cases where the number of bad sectors produced were due to the program being used to burn.

See this thread

Interesting thread… I’ve been using Direct CD on a Plextor 16/10/40A - burns fine, but… I had Nero for a while but it kept crashing my computer (well, it was running when it crashed…) :slight_smile:
Maybe I’ll try burning a version with EZ-CD (came with it) and see if it reads faster…
Thanks again!


:Z :Z :Z :Z :Z

:bigsmile: Yikes, multiple barfings… well, it’s the only other software I have right now. Open to suggestions…

And please do post your findings. We shall wait for your results :wink:

Ho-kay… Last night I burned two discs full of 25MB files at 8X, instead of the Plextors max 16X, hoping that might add to the stability of the burn. One with Direct CD, the other with EZ. Although the files open a little faster from the EZ disc, not much improvement.
Difference between accessing HD or CD-R 25 MB file and opening into Photoshop:
CD-R: 32 sec
Hard Drive: 6 sec
I have to access large image files a lot off disc. There has to be a solution for this. Besides getting another exterior HD for storage.
Thanks -

ok i see the problem.
try copying the file from your CD to your HDD.

i garantee you it will be (depending on you reader) much much faster.

what program are you opening the image file up in?

That’s what I ended up doing, though dragging the files onto my desktop has the same issue. Though once there, yea, mucho faster. I’m opening in Photoshop…