CD's and DVD's rewritable just once

Hi all and sorry if it is noob question but I find it weird and cant find a solution to it. I have Philips DVD RW 1660 K burner. Till last week I didnt have problems with burning but now everytime I try to burn some RW medium (CD-RW or DVD±RW) with Nero it burns it ok first time but then when I try to quick-erase it, Nero says “no rewritable media in drive” ? What should I do so that Nero recognise that I have rewritable mediums in drive???

Thanx in advance!!!

Try using Imgburn to erase them it is free.

It worked ! thanx tgidday ! so I guess Nero isnt such a good program at all :slight_smile:

Your welcome and welcome to the forum-Nero has its uses but for burning and erasing nothing is better(IMHO) than IMGBURN.

Oh I guess I was to quick with conclusions, it doesnt work after all :frowning: I erased one cd-rw with imgburn /twice just in case, one time fulle, one time quick) and Nero still says read only CD and cannot write on it…Imgburn says the same thing (disc is not empty) and write option is greyed out…weird…it does “erasing”, it says “succesfully erased” but then again it doesnt work :frowning: any ideas?

EDIT: oh it DOES work I just needed to eject/load CD-RW again in the tray and now it says CD-RW at last !!! :slight_smile:

LOL-Been there had that happen before-this is a great forum-stop in anytime if only to browse.There are alot of great people here.