CDs and DVDs: Hardware Defect Management vs.Software Defect Management

:eek: Did Philips go to a lot of trouble for nothing?

On behalf of those who still get a thrill watching the files on +RW discs appear and disappear (not forever, we hope ;)) as if by magic, from the operating system, on a medium that in the “olden days” had to be “burned” with special software, I have a question:

I thought that Mount Rainier was the ultimate for reliably reading and writing optical discs – from within the operating system (excluding burning utilities). Support is (supposed to be) in Vista and has been in Linux’ kernal for several years. I have read that Mount Rainier is nearly as solid (read as, protection against data loss) as DVD-RAM.

For this, Philips needed to put special firmware in the drive, presumably because it wasn’t possible to do it, properly, just with a bit of software on the host. So, I made sure that my new DVD-burner had Mount Rainier in the firmware. This wasn’t easy. :doh:

Now, I see it being claimedthis can be done (just as well :confused:) in software alone, using “Mt. Fuji Group” specifications for device drivers to support advanced recording features, including Quick Grow, Quick Format, Multi-border and DRT-DM defect management," as the advertisement reads.

I also now see (in same link, above) that UDF itself, above v1.5, has something called a “sparing table” for defective disc areas, apparently similar to what Mount Rainier does (albeit in duplicate) under firmware control. Since Vista’s release, Microsoft mentions nothing more about Mount Rainer, but instead appears to have switched mountains, in mid-stream. (Sorry! :o)

If all this may be done just as well in the software, does anyone know why Philips went to all the trouble of Mount Rainier in the firmware, EasyWrite logos, etc., etc. Or, (I hope*) does this more complex approach still have the edge in reliability?? Would we agree that with rewritable optical media we need every advantage we can get??

Someone is bound to say, forget the question, just use DVD-RAM instead. But, I’d really like to know about this point: does anyone know if there is an advantage of using Mount Rainier, versus UDF 1.5 and higher, combined with this Mt. Fuji DRT-DM?

*I hope, because of what I put my dealer through to find me a Mount Rainier DVD burner (both CD-MRW + DVD+MRW).:rolleyes: Yes, it works fine, and ‘does’ DVD-RAM as well.

A DVD writer with Mt. Rainier? VERY thin on the ground, after getting moderate coverage in CD-RW.

This was the answer, the next generation of UDF… what happened?
Was it too expensive to licence, too difficult to implement, or just not as effective as first thought?

Mt. Rainier sliced out creepily and without a sound…