Cds 300

Hello, just bought a cd with CDS 300 on it. i havent ripped a cd for a while, so im pretty new to this thing. but ive tried clonecd, nero, and exact audio copy, all of them produce jumpy audio. even when playing the tracks within exact audio copy, the tracks are jumpy. is there something wrong with my codecs? or is there some other way around this? Thanks!

its best to use eac for it , anyway this protection is also hardware depended
if your burner aint good with that protection no software will help only using another burner if you dont have another burner then try it on friend/work pc

You can try AnyDVD in combination with a cd ripper as it also removes audio protections although I never tried this combination myself maybe it works…

shoot, i tried ripping it on my laptop…but this time i decline the license agreement, and no problems with the rip. so looks like by agreeing to the license, it prevented me from doing it on my desktop. is there anyway to remove this thing?

Here you go!

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hmm, that post is interesting. however, this cd doesnt use the mediamax protection. its running cactus data shield 300 version

Yes… you’re right, but it appears to do pretty much the same thing.

From the same thread…

The disc must install some program to intefere with the ripping. The above thread may help you delve a little deeper.

I don’t have a Cactus 300 disc, but apparently CD200 ones rip OK as long as a slow ripping sped is selected.

first time i hear cd300 uses a driver/software maybe its a new version or maybe your wrong and its aint cds , what makes you so sure its cds300?

basicly there are 2 ways to get around it

a) the easy one , burn the ripped wavs using the laptop burner or transfer em to your desktop pc using a crossed network cable or usb datalink cable

b) finding the protection , run nero infotool (for drivers info as the protection might be one) click the floppy icon and click save open the saved file and copy & paste ,also get hijackthis click “do a system scan and save a log file” and copy & paste , if you dont have nero then get infotool standalone

on the cd there is a folder “CDS300” so i naturally assumed its running the cactus protection. within the folder is a version.txt file which states im not really sure what was done to my computer when i agreed to the license.

that explains it however its unheard of cds300 using drivers/software and if youll google for that version you wont find any results i suggest youll scan the cd with a-ray and clonyxxl just to be 100% sure

you dont have to thats what nero infotool & hijackthis are for , see my previous reply