CDS 300 is arriving?

If you want more info…

they keep everybody busy by trying to bypass their “non-breakable” copy protections :smiley:

Macrovision CDS FAQ is actually quite funny to read. For example, Macrovision about fair use:

The protection of intellectual property is justified. But most of the copyright laws also allow fair use. If your system prevents users from making MP3-files and copying them to their mobile device, doesn’t your system undermine the fair use principle?

No, quite the contrary. In this age of digital media, fair use is being redefined by the courts and the legislatures. Unrestricted digital copying translates into a disaster scenario for the content owners and artists. CDS and SAFEAUTHENTICATE actually support enhanced CD features that provide consumers with more, not less. CDS supports a “second session” encrypted compressed music file that allows record labels to offer ‘pre-ripped’ music files available on the CD if they wish. National legislation is not consistent around the world. Macrovision is not a music label or record publisher and, therefore, cannot determine where and how technology is used.

[sarcastically]I can’t wait until the first CDS-300 protected audio CD comes out, then I will use my Plextor 24x to defeat it.

Does anyone have a CDS300 - CD on hand?

… it can’t be harder to bypass than CDS100 V3 or the 1st evaluation Cactus on the HIM album.

As long as they insist on playbility of the CDROM-session, the audio tracks cannot be protected properly.