CDS 200 Solutions

Hi @ all,

i’m new in here and i 've read your experiences and problems with CDS 200. Here in Switzerland some CD’S are protected with CDS 200 from now on, C2 worries are coming. Fine.

Did anyone ever try these solutions?

  1. Use of CDFS.VXD

  2. Use of EAC with parameter “nomultisession” (to get around useless sessions)

  3. Dump the whole Audio CD with “Daemon Tools”, then mount Image and rip Audio from Image. <<<— This one could really work perfectly, no joke!

You can also try cdda2wav -paranoia. Number 3 has been tested in a german newsgroup and indeed worked in some cases.

  1. CDFS.VXD with Plextor, Pioneer, ASUS on a CDS200: no joy
  2. I tryed the setting “read CD as one track” (no pauses) and it worked, but annoyingly slow (I’m quite sure there are better settings in EAC to rip those cd’s with Plextor, but I always use Plextools for this)
  3. no idea :slight_smile:
  4. CDRWIN allows you to manually select sectors; some kind of “read range”. Start: sector 000000, end: latest sector. Read as “wav data”. Wait 5-7 minutes and split the .wav in tracks.

Ok, so i guess Solution NO.3 could be a big shot :slight_smile: then i’ll try it…

From my personal experience I’d suggest using ExactAudioCopy 0.9 beta 4 as it is an allrounder. I’d like to underline that you have to install it in expert mode (answer ‘Yes, I’m an expert…’ after starting the program the 1st time).
CDS200 discs are full of artificial errors causing drop-outs and distorsion. In most cases this can be bypassed by reducing the reading speed (e.g. 4x) and selecting the burst mode as your reading method.

But there are some other important points:
a) Switch off the AutoInsertNotification.
b) Check your ASPI-Layer: Should be V4.60 or V4.71.
c) Success always depends on your reading device. Some drives can defeat audio protections, others can’t.
d) Always listen to the extracted WAVes before you burn them. Check if they are free of drop-outs and distorsion. This avoids coasters.

Owners of a current Plextor recorder (PX-W1210TA/TS, 1610TA, 2410TA and 4012TA (4824TA: don’t know)) can use PlexTools V1.13a or higher. They also need the lastest firmware update.

  1. Select “SingleSession” in Drive Settings before you insert the disc.
  2. Choose 4x reading speed.
  3. Ignore read errors and don’t read indicies.
  4. Rip the WAVes with the DAE module
  5. Check the WAVes.

BTW: Which drives do you have and which disc would you like to extract?