I’m looking for the serial number for this program


Hello you are looking for a serial for cdrwin3.8a. I have this one for cdrwin3.7a and it will work for 3.8a to so…
if you mail to I will send it to you

de groenten en tot sinas dr crash


So, does anyone know if these rumors about
cdrwin and the use of keygens are true?
Im talking about if you use the Millennium
Crew keygen to register cdrwin38a it will
say its registered, but produce faulty cds.
I heard this from several people, but i havent had a faulty cd myself…
Anyone know more about this?


I had heard that but I think it’s not true.
But to make it sure I had used a keygen from
CORE that one is allways wright!!!



i used the millennium keygen and it worked fine for me…so far!


Ive actually experienced faulty cds with cdrwin. I dont remember which keygen i used, but when i burned an audio cd all i got was static. a data cd…the file contents of the cd were empty, so i just use nero now :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes it is true

I had the problem a time ago, i burned a cd and it was wrtiten correctly, but then when I wanted to explore the cd There was only a few KB on the disc…

Then I uninstalled CDRWIN and reinstalled it, using a GOOD password




So Prutser, where do I get a GOOD password?
Is the CoRE keygen ok?


hello avalanche!!!

I now allmost 15 people who used my keygen
from CORE!!! and everyone hasn’t got an error
when they burned they’re cds… SO you could try it on an rewritable first.

I must say that I think it is bullshit what people say about tho’s keygen’s because the formula for tho’s registration numbers is in cdrwin itself and that will be used to make an keygen (So it is allways working and if it is not I suggest that you download cdrwin again)



Thanks, anyone got a link to the
core keygen, i seem to have lost it…